June Bugs

June is the month in which summer graces in the northern hemisphere, when the top half of the earth is closest to the sun and the pests come out in full force.

I’m, of course, referring to the most irritating summer pests of all: tourists – known around where I live as “bennies” or “shoobies,” depending on who you ask.

Bennies (or shoobies, as they’re referred to in South Jersey) is an arguably derogatory term for tourists – especially arrogant, ill-behaved or ill-adapted tourists.

Brian Donohue

As someone who lives in New Jersey all day, everyday & for my entire life, I’ve heard it all…

“It’s the armpit of the country.”

Now, I’m not saying out of staters shouldn’t be able to enjoy the beaches this country has to offer, what I’m saying is that when you go to someone else’s home, you respect it.

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