This year, only this and January’s post were more than a title and a banner.

This year, I was a lead lead teacher – for the first time every. And

And, now I am not.

I lost my job on Friday, with a little over 2 weeks until September 1st & my health insurance benefits expire with my contract.

I’ve never been more devastated & numb.

Living in an at will employment state has never hit me harder.

I’ve been taken advantage of and lied to by many employers.

I thought education was a field to be in.

I’m good at my job.

Schools are desperate for teachers who aren’t stupid or abusive.

But, I’m “not a good fit” for a team of administrators who are too stuck in their ways to survive. I’ll pick myself up off the floor, little pieces and all.

I’ll recover some of the confidence they built up in me and then shattered entirely.

I’ll sit on how my final remarks were “This sucks,” because I don’t understand how educators would treat each other this way.

I’ll apply for unemployment.

I’ll prepare for my trip to Texas in September.

& I’ll be at a new job in October…. Again.

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