A place of my own…

I don’t find myself daydreaming about boys or having superpowers anymore.

My daydreams have evolved with age & I really only have one goal: to own my own home.

My favorite kinds of video games have always been the kinds where you control an avatar and build your life. Playing by the rules of these games has always been much easier for me then playing by the rules IRL.

That’s not to say I go out of my way to break the rules. I just mean, being able to remember all the rules, and play by them, and succeed, and feel good about it can be a tricky balance in real life.

In The Sims, I can use cheat codes.

In Stardew Valley, food is all I need.

In Animal Crossing, I can time travel.

Success takes hard work, persistence & dedication, among other things.

The unfortunate part about falling so hard into these games is that the reality of life is if it was so easy to succeed everyone would do it & it wouldn’t be special. In real life, you can’t really take the easy way out. In real life, taking shortcuts can cause consequences that are irreversible. Life doesn’t have an undo button & it auto saves every second.

Right now, it seems literally impossible to stay ahead IRL, so I’m focusing on staying afloat & flourishing on my ACNH Island.