Magnificent Marsupials

I’m a sucker for animals, especially the furry ones. I LOVE marsupials. Marsupials are a kind of mammal. Mammals can be categorized, based on how their babies develop, into one of three groups: monotremes, placentals & marsupials. Of the 371 species of marsupials alive on Earth today, 120 are native to South America, and 250 are native to Australia. The only one native to my North America is the Virginia Opossum.

Like Mushroom, Juniper Fox’s little sister. She’s found a forever home because a neurological condition makes her not releasable, but is the capable hands of a licensed & loving wildlife rehabilitator.

My marsupial loving heart hurts as Australia is overtaken by devastating wildfires. Australia is the smallest continent & the 6th largest country on Earth. It’s home to nearly 25 million humans, and between 20,000-30,000 other animals species, 386 of which are native to the land down under.

“Climate Change is caused by a number of things. The effect that climate has on extinction is very big. The biodiverse Earth can’t keep up with the rapid changes in temperature and climate. The species are not used to severe weather conditions and long seasons, or a changing chemical make-up of their surroundings. As more species die, it is only making it more difficult for the survivors to find food. The warmer climates we are used to present-day are perfect for diseases and epidemics to thrive.” (source).

Supporting this one of a kind ecosystem is important for all of us. When one species goes suddenly extinct, many other aspects of life can be affected negatively. Love your life & respect the lives of all others.


If you see a charity you haven’t heard of, make sure it’s an official nonprofit before donating. You can search Australia’s charity database at