Crafts: Card Making

Handwritten letter seem to becoming a thing of the past & I will not stand for it. I don’t honestly believe, especially in this lifetime, that humans were develop out of the need for handwriting at all. In my family, greeting cards on Holidays & Birthdays are a must. But, we do it differently in the sense that we also aim for the most irrelevant card possible. So, for me, if it’s not a ridiculous card, I’d prefer it to be blank.

Recently, I decided to start making my own greeting cards, and postcards, to sell on Etsy. I figured if I enjoy it & others like them enough to spend a few bucks, don’t we all win? My only sales so far have been family & friends, but I’m hopeful. When it comes to card making, I’m not expert. I’m not even close. But, I do it for fun & these are my methods so far:

My designs are either hand stamped in ink or paint, or hand drawn. “Hand drawn” is awfully self-explanatory, and that ability is dependant on the person drawing. So, today we will talk about…


Stamping is really cool because of the options.

You can…

  • Buy premade stamps
  • Buy a stamp making kit
  • Make your own stamps
  • Find original shapes to stamp
  • Use ink, paint, marker, etc.

As a writer, I am personally intrigued by punctuation and the shapes that make up those markings. The first series of cards I designed is named “Punctuation Patterns.” The series highlights the hidden shapes & deeper meanings of symbols we use everyday. Because I am personally attached and emotionally invested to my designs, I think they’re wonderful & love sharing them. So, here they are…