Q – Queer/Questioning

Queer – Initially meant to demean LGBT persons, (by associating the group with the original meaning: odd, weird, strange) was taken back by that same community & given new meaning: different.

Questioning – A term intended to adopt anyone unsure of their own labels.

Rainbow Welcome Initiative explains the differentiation between the two definitions of Q as,

Questioning refers to individuals who are unsure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Queer is an umbrella term encompassing a variety of sexual orientations and gender identities excluding heterosexuality. The term was originally used as a slur but has been reclaimed by younger generations to also refer to political ideologies not adhering to heteronormativity or a gender-binary.

If you’re unsure of your place in the LGBTIQA+ community, it’s good to start at Q. Q is not the letter you find strict answers in. Questioning makes you ask questions to help you find answers you didn’t know you were looking for. & Being Queer is just a matter of being yourself. When it comes to Q, the edges of this defining box is VERY blurred intentionally.

The Q in LGBTIQA+ can often be overlooked, like the Q in the American alphabet. But, overlooked doesn’t mean unimportant. Overlooked also doesn’t mean passed over my the ignorance the whole LGBTIQA+ community experiences.


That’s so gay. You’re so ignorant.

You’re just weird. What’s your point?

There’s something wrong with you. There’s something wing with the way you think.

So you’re a –? Human, the word you’re looking for is human. 

Whether you think Q stands for Queer, Questioning or both (pro tip: it’s both), microaggressions for this letter typically stem from the ways Queer individuals do not subscribe to heteronormative societal values.

From observing those around me, especially loved ones the microaggressions usually come from their loved ones with the worst best intentions in mind & they always have to do about image.

You look so pretty when you dress like a girl. I feel good when I’m allowed to be myself.

You’ll never get a girlfriend acting like that. Your point?

Do you want people asking questions? Yes. I want far more people asking far more questions about everything. 

For me, there’s not much to say about this letter that hasn’t been addressed by others & won’t be addressed in my other posts. So, before I ramble on into incoherence, I’ll end on this note:


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