Atheism & Spirituality

Born to an Irish Catholic & Southern Baptist turned Roman Catholic. Raised in an agnostic household. Enrolled in Private Catholic School, just like both parents. Signed up for CCD classes after my parents divorce led us to public school. Forced to go until I had an embarrassing mental breakdown on the back steps of the church.

I didn’t believe in god.

I don’t believe in god.

I would never try to convince you not to believe, so, please, don’t try to convince me to believe.I personally do not find any comfort in the concept of god, like many have be fortunate to. Religiousness isn’t about education, it’s about experience. & In my experience, god plays no part.

I have lost purpose in my life, but not because I’m godless.


You may disagree with me. I might even anger you, but, please, don’t pity me.

Pity is pious. It comes from privilege. It’s pathetic.

Pity gives you the idea that you should feel sorry for me, but don’t have to do anything about it. It’s a version of sympathy that is inlaid with immunity from someone else’s suffering. While that’s a pompous way to be, in general, it’s also super irrelevant to my atheism.

You can’t pity someone who isn’t suffering & my atheism doesn’t cause me suffering. But, it’s the reason why it doesn’t that confuses others. People have expressed concern for me when I declare my atheism because they believe I’m denying myself a key part of life: spirituality.


While one definition of spirituality is religiously based, the foremost definition is related to the condition known as the human soul. In my opinion, keeping your soul healthy & happy is your spirituality; whether you need religion to do so is a personal choice.

I don’t need scripture to tell me how to live my life morally. I don’t need the fear of being judged eternally to do the right thing. I don’t need a group of people to agree with me on what happens after. I don’t need someone else’s rules on how to live my life peacefully. If you don’t either, know you’re not alone. & If you do, and that’s ok too – you’re not alone either.

5 thoughts on “Atheism & Spirituality

  1. Great post! Atheists can definitely still be spiritual. “Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion” by Sam Harris is a great book on this subject.

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