2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Several gift giving holidays fall within the winter months. Additionally, statistics tell us that in 2017 the most popular month for engagement is December. That being said, I’m more for a timeless or classic gift than a situation specific one — with VERY few exceptions. While I can appreciate holiday lines & bundles, I much prefer a gift that can be enjoyed year-round. Furthermore, unless you’re around someone all the time, the “perfect” gift may allude you. This is my guide to avoiding unnecessary gift giving stress

Subscriptions: This trend isn’t new, but certainly growing exponentially in popularity & it’s absolutely my favorite. Everything about which subscription to go for is dependent on the person who will be receiving it.

  • Magazine (or another print publication)
  • Ipsy
  • Dollar Shave Club’
  • Earfleek
  • FabFitFun
  • Birchbox
  • StitchFix
  • Kiwi Crate
  • Bark Box

Mystery Boxes: *USE WITH CAUTION* As seen on YouTube, some sellers are legit & some are total scam artists. Always be sure to research independent sellers & refer to reviews before committing to any mystery box purchase.

  • Man Crates
  • Laced Up
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Craigslist
  • Hello Subscription

Product Bundles: Always look for value gift sets. Whether you gift them as a set, or split up the pieces, you’re guaranteed to save money.

Gift Countdown Calendars: Many brands and stores have designed calendars that award a gift for each day of the countdown. From make up to tea to ornaments to bourbon and nail polish, there’s one out there for everyone.

  • Ulta
  • Target
  • Yankee Candle
  • Hallmark
  • ASOS
  • Master of Malt

They’re also super easy to DIY.

(Speaking of) DIY: Homemade crafts can be the most sentimental, all while saving you some money.

  • Paper Mache Ornaments
  • Picture Frame(s)
  • Body Scrub / Soap / Lotion
  • Knit Pot Holders
  • Scrapbook / Collage
  • Hand Painted Lawn / Garden Decor
  • Custom Print Art

The List: If someone gives you a list, just follow it. There’s nothing worse than being asked what you want & detailing your answer specifically, just to be ignored. That being said, if the list is entirely unreasonable, I find nothing wrong with buying a gift to intentionally make fun of said list.

Secret Santa: It’s best to assign a spending amount & have every participant fill out a little card to lead gift givers in the right direction.

  • Favorite color, flavor & scent
  • Hobbies
  • 3 things you love
  • 3 things you hate

Gift Cards: Unless you’re dealing with someone who specifically asks for gift cards, they shouldn’t be the main gift. Gift cards show very little thought. I’ve found the best way to give a gift card is to do up the wrapping / presentation.

  • a coffee shop gift card in that shop’s reusable travel mug
  • a bookstore gift card in a coffee table book
  • a department store gift card in the ID sleeve of a wristlet
  • any gift card in an otherwise empty picture frame

Whatever gift you give, remember it really is the thought that counts the most. But, thought doesn’t mean a last minute thrown together pile of stuff constitutes a pat on the back. The best gift you can give yourself is to start shopping early & have a game plan. List making & having a budget can prevent unfortunate, but all too common, shopping mishaps (forgetting someone, or spending more than you should). My last tip is: if holiday shopping online there’s always a way for free shipping. Stay tuned for my post just on this!

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