25 Days of Christmas

Every year, since 1996, Freeform (formerly The Family Channel, Fox Family & ABC Family) broadcasts Christmastime programs from December 1st through Christmas day. As a 90’s baby, it’s pure nostalgia to flip on the channel and have nothing but feel good adolescent throwback soundtracks blaring thru my TV like it’s 1999.

While I could go ahead & list the line up for you I don’t really want to (Click here for the full 2018 line-up). What I will do is offer some scenes of my favorite movies in this year’s line-up:









giphy (1).gif

despicable me.gif





Could you guess any of them? Could you guess all of them? Comment below!

Also, did I forget to mention the long awaited sequel to Life Size, starring Tyra Banks, is premiering this year? Cause it is & I’m so excited.


Now, I don’t know about you, but Y2K bitty Britty loved & hated the Disney original movie “Life Size.” It kind of really freaked me out to think it possible to animate toys magically. #LiLotheWitch But, it was also totally awesome. And, like, Tyra still totally has it…


I only have one thing to ask Tyra Banks, “you wanna be on top [of my Christmas tree]? Bc seriously stunning & you’re an angel.

They already run the classics on the regular, so be sure to dedicate any & all Freeform watching time to the new productions & wintertime exclusives. The family friendly programming is always a go to for holiday gatherings because as much as these movies are intended for kids, we all truly love them.

What’s Missing? This time of year, Freeform also played the Harry Potter series religiously– playED. 2018 marks the first winter season when 25 Days of Christmas will not include the wizard film series. This is because the rights are now exclusively owned by HBO. Luckily for those without premium cable, they still play marathons on SyFy. The Disney owned Freeform plans to fill the usual Harry Potter dedicated time instead with more new content, Disney originals & family classics.

Merry Christmas. Khag Khanuka Sameakh. Habari Gani. & Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us!

Happy holidays y’all!

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