Home Dates

Regardless of age or stage of relationship, sometimes we don’t really feel like leaving the house, but we still want to have fun, and should!

I always try to find ideas for me & bae to do when we don’t want (or can’t afford) to.

Here’s my list of realistic fun & low or no cost home dates:

  • If you have groceries: Make or bake a (potentially obscure) recipe specifically designed around only what you already have
  • If you want take out: Eat it by candlelight
  • If you drink alcohol: Find a (safe) drinking game
  • If you have Netflix: Chill
  • If you have Cable: Watch a crappy On Demand movie & make all the comments while watching
  • If you have HULU: Binge watch a new show together
  • If you have a pool: Build your open beach
  • If you need a massage: Build your own spa
  • If you have pillows & blankets: Make a fort! The bigger, the better
  • If you have friends: Invite them over! The more, the merrier
  • If you have video games: Play them, even if you have to teach each other how
  • If you have board games/deck of cards/puzzles: Have some old school fun
  • If you have art supplies: Create something together to hang in your home
  • If you have books: Read to each other
  • If you have a fire pit: Toast marshmallows or Roast weenies
  • If you have a tub: Take a bubble bath
  • If you have a projector: Make your very own movie theater
  • If you have a garden: Make a day out of yard work
  • If you have records & a player: Listen to them together. You could even compare them to remastered versions, if you’re into that
  • If you have time: Make a bucket list
  • If you have pets: Take them for a walk (even if it’s only across the room or their tank)
  • If you have a hoarding room (garage, attic, basement, etc): Clean up house
  • If you can: Have a yard/garage/estate sale
  • If you have some extra spending money: Buy something you both love for your home
  • If you’re eventually moving: Take virtual tours & make commentary as a snobby/ditzy/chill realtor
  • If you’re in your forever home: Stage/tour your own home
  • If you have to: Clean
  • If you need to: Organize
  • If you want to: Decorate

Check out this A++ Home Date

Comment your addition(s) to the list below! (If you have/need/want/like _something_:_Home date_)

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