Packing & Then Some

Whether you’re moving or going away for the weekend, packing is a main component. While there’s lots of info out there on what to pack & how to pack, I can’t find much about anything after that one part. What else am I looking for? You ask. Well, everything, really — but that’s for another time.

Packing has always been my most favorite & least favorite part about going anywhere. However, some instances of packing carry a very different essence than others. What is she talking about? You & your questions.

What happens when you you’re going somewhere? Packing.

What happens when you get to where you’re going? Unpacking.

What happens if where you went was only temporary? Repacking.

What happens when you get to where you live permanently? Depacking.

While we’ve all done all of these things at one point or another, we likely haven’t used the last 2 terms — likely because they aren’t real words. (They’re real to me, tho)

For more information on Packing, check out my earlier post The Ultimate Packing List. Packing should be done with Unpacking in mind.

If you need more information on Unpacking, you are likely the type comfortable living out of a suitcase until it’s time to leave. (Which is fine btw, just not how we do things here) Basically, Unpacking is the art of making a temporary living situation feel more homey by putting your things where you would if you actually lived there. Unpacking does not really affect Repacking, as your luggage will be fully clear to Repack later.

If you’re the type of person who lives out of their suitcase & just zips it up & goes then Repacking isn’t something you do either (Again, there’s NOTHING wrong with that, but this post won’t mean much to that type of packer) Repacking is the art of putting your luggage back together upon leaving a temporary living situation. Repacking should be done with Depacking in mind.

Depacking is something all of us will be burdened with & many of us avoid as long as possible. Depacking is the art of putting everything you took with you back to its rightful place. The sooner you Depack, the better. Much of what is Depacked will need to be washed, so don’t let it sit — especially if swim or sportswear is involved.

The more streamline you make your WHOLE Packing Process, the more time you have to relax while on vacation. Planning is the free way to avoid all types of problems. THAT BEING SAID, over planning can drive you crazy & over packing can drag you down. If you find yourself spiraling, take a seat, take a breath & go back to it later.


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