Responsible Label Making

If you couldn’t already tell, I am a long winded person. & This translates to almost every aspect of my being.

I am trigger happy when it comes to me Brother Label Maker. I will label anything. I will, also, likely get rid of twice as many labels as I keep. Labels can make life super easy, but the tape doesn’t grow on trees & if you keep “messing up” you may get discouraged all together.

Here are my tips when it comes to responsible label making:

  1. Keep it short & sweet. Anything longer than a few words isn’t a label. Keep reading…
  2. Labels are meant to be helpful not hurtful. You shouldn’t be using your hard-earned label tape to make others feel bad about how they live their life. Labels are meant to be factual or informational & that’s it.
  3. Don’t feel bad if you can’t immediately label everything in your life and run into no issues. This is especially true if you’ve just started in an unfamiliar place (new job or new home). You need to get used to your surroundings before you know for sure where everything’s going to fit perfectly for you.
  4. Labels aren’t the end-all-be-all. If you have to move them around or change them all together that’s fine.

There’s no ultimate secret to responsible label making. The moment you open that box, you’re likely to make a bunch of stupid labels with symbols and frames that you’ll never use, but that’s half the fun of it.

There are lots of different label makers, but I am loyal to the Brother P-Touch Label
legacy — specifically, my baby, PT-D400VP. This post isn’t sponsored, but my opinion should be considered bias because I am utterly smitten. After being given free range with the one at my job, I asked Santa & he delivered!

Brother P-Touch Label Makers take tapes with different color type and backgrounds (just make sure you order the correct size!). Additionally, the more sophisticated the model, the more options you’ll have within the design program. This means no matter what your aesthetic is you can fit organization into it easily.

My biggest pet peeve with label makers is all the wasted tape when it resets the printer mechanism. With my label maker (IDK about all of the them) there are 4 label length options, including “Chain” which allows you to print continuously without having to cut & reset. When you’re done, the label pops out like normal & you cut it to size. This was a great help at work when I had to make multiple copies of the same label!

I’ve decided to keep it “short & sweet” today to work on longer posts for later this month. See you Thursday!


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