Step Two


The thing about getting anything organized is it can be very tedious, which is why so many people put it to the wayside. Maybe you try & as soon as you think you’ve figured out one room, you find another junk drawer…

(Now, junk drawers & drop spots aren’t intrinsically bad things, but we’ll get there soon enough.)

That being said, the easiest way to get a real handle on things is to lay everything out in front of you — literally. Go through the area in question (one room, a whole house, the car, the office, your desk) & rummage through it like a dumpster diver. Grab everything you can find, that isn’t heavier than you, and sort it by whatever it is & however it makes sense to you. You can use baskets, buckets, bags, or just piles. There is no right or wrong way to create an organized mess, but the show Hoarders is good inspiration because this how they have to start.

The process of organization can be very overwhelming to a lot of people. I believe that’s because it’s true when they say it’ll get much worse before it gets any better. There are tons of resources if you’re feeling unnaturally overwhelmed or feel the job is bigger than you can tackle by yourself. (Including me!) Sometimes an extra set of ears, eyes & hands can keep you on track.

In having everything physically laid out in front of you, you can fully analyze and address your specific organizational needs. What do you have the most of? Where did it all come from? How did you store that stuff? How would you like to? Do you really need it? How much space would you need to dedicate to this much stuff? Should you leave extra space for more? These are the kinds of questions you will likely be asking yourself, but you won’t actually find these answers until the next step.

Only once every nook and cranny is certified clear can you even think about moving on to step three.

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